General Errors

The following error may occur if the purchased .zip is incorrectly extracted:
  • I'm sorry, but an exception occured while executing your Ren'Py script.
    ScriptError: could not find label 'start'.

    While running game code:
    - script at line 84 of renpy-6.4.0/common/00mainmenu.rpy
    ...or something like that, it's a long error description.
  • Return to the original purchased .zip (or re-download), right-click and choose "Extract All", or try using DLsite's Lhasa ZIP extractor instead: Click here to download the LHASA extractor.
Sound and music volume problems, and other errors may sometimes be corrected by looking in the "game" folder for a file called bytecode.rpyb, AND any other folders such as "saves", or "persistent" and deleting them.

Uncensored Patch

English DLsite users only! If you purchased the censored English version from DLsite, you can download the FREE patch to remove mosaic censorship, if it is legal to remove censorship in your country, state, province, or local area.

Click here to download the uncensored patch (instructions included)
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