Mai Shiranui defeats Terry Bogard in a match, and Terry takes his revenge, in
an interactive 3D animation and CG collection featuring Mai from King of Fighters!

Enjoy Mai's sexy athletic body, and her big bouncing breasts!

*CG story mode, and 6 animated sex positions, with sound and voice.
*Choose camera angles (including internal), or select scene.
*Remove or replace pieces of clothing.
*Save any image to your computer.

*Includes tit-fucking, pussy-licking, anal sex, and more!
Choose an internal or external cumshot for ANY position!

*Bonus Gallery of 12 sexy poses, plus clothing and camera angles.
*6 base animations, and 38 CGs, with camera angles and clothing
variations, for a total of 50 animations and 350 CG images!

This is Cherry Cherry Peach's first game!

  My name is Jessica, nice to meet you! Most people call me Galaxy. I've been a 3D artist for three years with the name GalaxyPink. I created Cherry Cherry Peach to release doujin (fan-fiction) art.
  My goal in life is to bring people pleasure and happiness! I love making people feel good, making people laugh, and flirting.

  Facts: I love creating art! I enjoy video games about killing zombies. My favorite food is pizza. I've played guitar since I was a kid. My favorite color is purple. My friend said I'm strong enough to punch the head off a brontosaurus!
If you'd like, you can contact me at
My original 3D fetish works, non-fan-fiction
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